Play & Stay in the Rockies!

Welcome to Colorado's Premier Play & Stay Destination!

Play: Spring to fall we run our 2 Seater ATV tours, Via Ferrata guided mountain climb & Zipline, Rafting Floats, and Fishing trips! In winter we have guided Ice Fishing trips and  Snowshoeing up to St Mary’s Glacier!

Stay: Relax in one of our pet-friendly lodgings. We have fully-furnished cabins and camping yurts! 

Remember to stop by our Adventure Basecamp Bar & Grille House for great drinks & food in the great outdoors!

*Morning Coffee Service, Bar Service, and Food Service varies with availability 

Black Friday Cyber Sale!

Save when you reserve a winter cabin stay before December 1st! Our fully-furnished cabins start at $89 and are located within 30-45 miles of most mountain winter activities and ski areas

*Applies to reservation dates from now until February 25th. Offer expires December 1st, 2022. 

Runs May to November

Experience the thrill of treking through the mountains in a 2 seater ATV with friends and family! 

*NOTE: When you book and it says “Per Adult” it is really per Vehicle: Either a 2 Seater ATV with just a Driver OR a Driver & Passenger. When booking for the Driver & Passenger option the price for BOTH is included “per Adult”. Passenger -Only Reservations will not be accepted:

  • Price per DRIVER-Only (Single):
    • 1 Hour: $125
    • Right Now Save 20% = $99 (Excludes Saturdays)
  • Price per DRIVER & PASSENGER (Price for 2 People Included “per Adult”):
    • 1 Hour: $185
    • Right Now Save 20% = $148 (Excludes Saturdays)
  • Start Times: 9am and 1pm
  • Age Limits: 12+ Years Old (Rider), 16+ Years Old (Driver) w/ Driver’s License

TERRAIN: The switchbacks to get up the mountain are ROCKY. There are large boulders and you will be guided on how to maneuver around them. There are also some sections that get close to the edge of a cliffside. Once you get to the top of the mountain it opens up to more flat terrain with mud puddles in some sections. The trail can be dusty so we recommend wearing sunglasses for protection. *In winter the road also becomes icy and is more of an intermediate ATV trip. 

Beginner Ice Fishing 101

ice fishing1

Runs November 17th to March 1st

Fish in the Rocky Mountains! Our guide will take you to a nearby lake and show you the basics of ice fishing. Because we’re so close to the slopes, you can even ice fish and then ski in the same day!

Types of Fish Caught: Salmon, Arctic Char, Rainbow Trout

  • 2 Hour Tours: $99 per person
  • 4 Hour Tours: $199 per person
Start Times:
  • 2 Hour Tours: 9am, 1pm, 3pm 
  • 4 Hour Tours: 9am and 1pm
Ages: 5+
*Guests must have fishing licenses before time of trip.  (Fishing licenses can be purchased Online HERE)
  • All equipment for ice fishing  
Guests Must Have:
  • Warm clothes, gloves, snow boots, and eye protection
  • Fishing license
  • Water bottle
st marys

Runs December 10th to March 31st

Take a guided hike in the snow up a nearby mountain trail! (Metal snowshoes are included)

Duration: 2-4 Hours

Start Time: 10am

Price: $109 per person

Age: 8+ Years Old

What to bring: Remember to dress warm with boots, jacket (it can get very windy), gloves, and thick pants or jeans. 

*4 Person Minimum to Book

Cabins are a great way to escape into the great outdoors while still enjoying the modern amenities of home. Our cabins are also pet-friendly so bring the whole family!

Have a fun camping adventure in one of our yurts while being socially responsible towards others. Our yurts are also pet-friendly, so bring your fur baby! 

Save When You Ski & Stay

Get 15% off Lodging when you also book Adult Ski Passes to Loveland with our Ski & Stay package!