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Raft Guides

Dylan Kirk

Dylan “Captain” Kirk: Raft Department Lead

Guide for: Rafting, ATV, & Aerial

VENMO: @RiverDylan

Pat Baker

Trip Lead: Pat Baker

Guide for: Rafting & ATV

VENMO: @Patrick-Baker-79

Jason Wood

Trip Lead: Jason Wood

Guide for: Rafting

VENMO: @Jason-Wood-158

Dillon Silcox

Trip Lead: Dillon Silcox

Guide for: Rafting

VENMO: @Dillon-Silcox

Trip Lead: Keith Muckler

Guide for: Rafting & Aerial

VENMO: @Keith-Muckler


Trip Lead: Andrew Ungashick

Guide for: Rafting

CashApp: @$UDREW1011

Tim Roberts

Trip Lead: Tim Roberts

Guide for: Rafting, Aerial, ATV

VENMO: @TRobs2017

Jackson Moose Meyers

Guide: Jackson “Moose” Meyers

Guide for: Rafting & ATV

VENMO: @JacksonLeeMeyers

Clay Thompson

Guide: Clay Thompson

Guide for: Rafting

VENMO: @Clay-Thompson-5

Sam Practico

Guide: Sam Pratico

Guide for: Rafting & Aerial

VENMO: @Sam-Pratico 

Guide: Jordan Graff

Guide for: Rafting, Aerial & ATV


Aerial Guides

Ayla Graehl

Trip Lead: Ayla Graehl

Guide for: ATV & Aerial

VENMO: @Ayla-Graehl

Stu Preston

Trip Lead: Stu Preston

Guide for: Aerial, Rafting, & ATV

No Venmo /Cash-Only Tips

Trip Lead: Calista Muraski

Guide for: Aerial & ATV



Guide: Anna Callahan 

Guide for: Aerial & ATV

VENMO: @Anna-Callahan-5

ATV Guides

Aaron Lindsey

Trip Lead: Aaron Lindsey

Guide for: ATV & Aerial

VENMO: @Aaron-Lindsey-20

Trip Lead: Derek Seeders

Guide for: ATV & Aerial

VENMO: @DerekSeeders

Matt Pasquarello

Trip Lead: Matt Pasquarello 

Guide for: ATV, Fishing, & Aerial

VENMO: @Matt-Pasquarello 

Guide: Brandon Falso

Guide For: ATV

VENMO: @Bthefalso

Guide: Sergio Ferrer

Guide For: ATV

VENMO: @InfamouzCuts

Fishing Guides

30+ Year Fishing Guide: Scott Bloomer

Guide for: Fishing

VENMO: Scott-Bloomer-Fishing

Paul Arrambide

TL Fish Guide: Paul Arrambide

Guide for: Fishing 

VENMO: @Paul-Arrambide 

TL Fish Guide: Bob Hamilton

Guide for: Fishing 

VENMO: @Robert-Hamilton-168

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