If you’re looking to discover some hidden gems of old gold mining history in the area the Phoenix Gold Mine is the place to see! It offers the best experience for walking through the history of gold mining (as well as walking through a gold mine itself)!


Phoenix is located off the scenic Stanley Road, just 6 miles from our adventure park! For those looking to have multiple adventures in one day, theur tour typically lasts about an hour and depending on the time of year has start times every 30 minutes to every hour.


The mine dates back to the 1870s when a group of UK miners worked for several years to strike gold. It then became a dedicated mine after being purchased by a company and was then called the Phoenix mine. Production ended around the time of WW2 -as most mines were closed during that period. In 1968 the mine was purchased by a family of 4th generation Colorado miners whose family still owns and operates it.

Actually Go in the Mine 

It’s one thing to learn about mining history, it’s a much more thrilling experience to see it! At the Phoenix you can go into the mine itself and see the evolution of mining practices and feel what it was like to be a miner over 100 years ago!

See Exposed Copper & Gold & Pan for Gold Yourself

Most of the mines you go in do not offer views of actual exposed silver, gold, copper, and other minerals. There are multiple sections of the Phoenix where you can see and get close to the actual gold vein and you can learn the difference in telling what’s actual gold and what’s not. 

They also give you a demonstration for gold panning and the best techniques to use when panning. You can then purchase your own pay dirt and give panning a shot for yourself!

Open Year-Round 

The Phoenix is open year-round including in the winter. For those who are looking for something great to do in addition to skiing and snowtubing, be sure to checkout their tour!

Gift Shop/ Old Bus

Though you have to duck to get in, the gift shop bus is a great place to stop by after your tour to grab some pay dirt, memorabilia, or a gift for someone!

Dog Friendly 

Dogs are welcome on tours (like the small pug another group took with them on the tour I went on). They just have to stay on a leash (and not chase the chipmunks). Speaking of which, you can purchase some chipmunk feed and they will literally eat out of the palm of your hand. 

Family Owned by Dave & Beckie

If you see Dave & Becky tell them Hi! and that Lawson Adventure Park recommended their tour!

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