6 Types of Trout in Clear Creek

Have an adventure fishing in the Clear Creek County area and catching a variety of trout! Our lead fish guide Scott Bloomer has been fishing in the area for over 30 years now and knows how to find the best catch depending on time of year.

Here’s an overview of the kinds of fish you might come across while fishing in the Clear Creek area! 

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1. Brown Trout


Brown Trout are the most common in Clear Creek, accounting for up to 95% of the fish in the county. Most browns are between 6-10 inches in length and because they’re so numerous they are not commercially stocked. 

2. Rainbow Trout

rainbow trout

Rainbow Trout make up around 5% of the trout found in the Clear Creek and are restocked annually. Brown trout are the more dominant of the 2 kinds of trout keeping rainbow trout numbers lower. Both rainbow and brown trout are found in the places we fish nearby at Georgetown Lake and on Clear Creek near Lawson. 

3. Cutthroat Trout

cutthroat trout

The best time to fish is between June towards the end of October. Cutthroat trout are the 3rd most common type of trout you’ll come across in the Clear Creek area. Cutthroat trout tend to be found in higher elevations and very fresh, clean water. 

4. Brook Trout

brook trout

Brook trout are found in every kind of water in Clear Creek. They’re not as common because they’re an invasive species so fisherman can take between up to 15 -30 trout on a trip depending on where you fish. 

5. Tiger Trout

Tiger trout have been in the county for around 20 years and are mostly in St. Mary’s. They are a mix between a Brook and Lake Trout. They’re fun to catch, but good to give back because they aren’t likely to be repopulated. 

6. Lake Trout

Lake trout are a deep water fish and are in the St Mary’s area and Loch Lomond. They’re one of the more predatory fish. 

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