By Jessica Power

Free Solo: Colorado

A lot of people have been talking about Alex Honnold free climbing El Capitan in Yosemite National Park in the new documentary Free Solo. But not a lot of people know about the guy who may have surpassed him in Colorado: Brad Gobright.

Brad had previously climbed some impressive mountains in Yosemite as well, then after moving to Boulder started tackling even greater feats there. He broke the speed record on one of Colorado’s most treacherous climbs: The Naked Edge and then climbed ropeless in Eldorado Canyon. Gobright has also been featured in a recent documentary called Safety Third.

Surprisingly, Alex and Gobright are longtime acquaintances and have even done climbs together. There friendly rivalry has grown over the years and both have continued to challenge themselves and each other to reach new heights.

There have also been some other impressive record breakers and danger enthusiasts on the Colorado mountains like climbing legends Jim Erickson and Duncan Ferguson from the 1970s and Stefan Griebel and Jason Wells who have broken some impressive records in recent years.

At Lawson Adventure Park we play on the safer side and offer the Via Ferrata. Anyone 12 and older can climb up the “Iron Road”. The Via Ferrata was originally used by soldiers in WWII to climb high mountains to get greater vantage points on potential advancements from enemies. It features the use of a climbing harness, metal clips that latch onto the iron bars stapled into the mountainside as you go up, and a helmet.

Whichever kind of mountain excursion suites you, Colorado has more than enough options for anyone out there looking for adventure!