Relive The Adventure

Your adventure is an experience you’ll always want to remember, but capturing it yourself takes you out of the moment. Your job is to have fun—our job is to document the fun!

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Why Hire Frozen Fire to Document Your Adventure?

• We’ll free up your hands for the adventure—you won’t have to carry a camera around!
• We’ll snap the shots so you can focus on the fun instead of focusing on the camera
• We’ll capture memories for everyone’s adventure. No more family photos without Dad because he was behind the camera!
• We’ll capture high-quality content. We know how to handle bad lighting, fast-moving subjects, and odd angles.

Video Package: Make the Moment Last

 The power of video is its ability to capture those real-life moments, and it’s the little
things that often bring back the strongest memories. You’ll be busy enjoying your adventure, so
let us capture those little moments for you! Choose from one of our video packages:

  • 30-Second Video
  • 60-Second Video
  • Get a group photo for FREE when you book a video package!

Capture the Memories

Price: $175 (30 second)/$200 (60 second)

Photo Package: Share the Experience

After your adventure, you’ll want to share your experience with friends and family. But, taking the photos yourself can be hard—you might end up with blurry action shots or washed out selfies. Give them photographs that accurately convey the fun, energy, and excitement of the adventure! We’ll capture the fun in the form of professional, share-worthy photographs. Choose from one of our photograph packages:

  • 15 Edited Photographs
  • 25 Edited Photographs
  • Get a group photo for FREE when you book a video package!

Capture the Memories

Price: $150 (15 edited photos)/$180 (25 edited photos)

Best Value: Convey the Experience with a Video AND Photos

Book the Combo Package and Receive:

  • 60-Second Video
  • 25 Edited Photographs
  • 1 Group Photo
  • Get 10% OFF the price of each individual package when you book the combo package!

Capture the Memories

Price: $300