An Insider's Guide to Dumont: CO's 7 Most Popular Landmarks

Exploring Dumont

Situated at 7,933 feet, Dumont is a small town that’s part of picturesque Clear Creek County. This area of Colorado is popular with individuals interested in history and adventure. Founded in 1859 and eventually changed to the name Dumont in 1880, it was once an important stage coach stop and well known for its ore stamping mills and smelting enterprises.

While Dumont may be known for its history, it’s also surrounded by plenty of gorgeous landmarks. If you’re going thinking of visiting the Dumont area, we’ve put together seven of the most popular landmarks to visit so you’ll get a good mix of the outdoors, history as well as adventure.

1.Get your Adrenaline Pumping at Lawson Adventure Park

Whitewater Rafting

Located just 35 miles west of Denver, Lawson Adventure Park & Resort is the premiere “Play & Stay” destination in Colorado! For newer adventurers there is a wide range of fun outdoor activities to experience: Take a guided climb up a mountain on the via ferrata, traverse over to the zipline platform, and soar above the trees! Then cool off by taking a splash down Clear Creek with some whitewater rafting! All three activities are now featured in the new All Terrain package!

You can then stay after you play in a pet-friendly, fully-furnished cabin! Or if you want something closer to camping, bunk in an adventure yurt. Both cabins and yurts come with BBQ grills on their front patios for summer cookouts. Don’t forget to grab some refreshments at the Basecamp Bar located onsite!

2. Hike Up St. Mary’s Glacier

St Mary's Glacier

St. Mary’s Glacier provides some amazing views, and is a great place for those looking for a quick hike. There are two parking lots for the trailhead so you can decide to park at either one. Thereafter, you’ll be taking a trail up to the lake. While it’s short, it’s steep and also rocky. Always stay on the trail and soon enough you’ll see an opening where you’ll get to soak in some incredible views.

You’ll first chance upon the lake which is a great spot for a picnic. After some relaxation you can then go check out the glacier – which is essentially a semi-permanent snowfield located in Arapaho National Forest.  You can continue to hike up the glacier if you’d like but just be careful as it can get a bit slippery.

3. Spend the Day in Clear Creek

There’s plenty to do in Clear Creek and you could spend all day enjoying what this historic area has to offer. Feel free to stroll down Main Street of Silver Plume or visit the confluence of Chicago Creek and Clear Creek where the first gold strike took place.

While there are also plenty of outdoor recreational activities you can do at Clear Creek from bike trails to back country hiking and more, it’s also home to the highest paved road in the Northern Hemisphere. Drive down Mount Evans Scenic Byway and take in some incredible scenery from beautiful lakes to forests and more.

4. Take a Ride on the Georgetown Loop Railroad

georgetown loop railroad

Picture: William Henry Jackson / Public domain

This heritage railroad is located in the Rocky Mountains in Clear Creek Country. The train runs between the communities of Georgetown and Silver Plume for a distance of two miles. The train does ascend through mountainous terrain so you’ll be treated to some scenic views.

This is one of Colorado’s first visitor attractions and was completed in 1885. Considered an engineering marvel for its time, the train was able to connect two thriving mining towns. While on the train, keep a lookout of some of the remains of several gold and silver mines. You’ll have an unobstructed view of everything along the line, and is definitely something that you wouldn’t want to miss.

5. Camp at Colorado Bear Creek Cabins

The outdoors is a huge part of Dumont Colorado so why not taking a weekend escape in comfortable rustic log cabins that are nestled amongst Rocky Mountain spruce trees. At the Colorado Bear Creek Cabins, you’ll have access to full kitchens along with fireplaces, picnic tables, BBQ grills and more.

Just a short distance away is Evergreen Colorado which has plenty of restaurants, breweries, shops and more to visit. Evergreen Lake is also in close proximity to the cabins so you’ll get to do fishing, paddle boarding and a range of other outdoor activities. It’s the perfect place to stay at – especially if you’re looking for a relaxing weekend.

6. Explore Echo Lake Park

echo lake park

Photo: Int77345 / CC BY-SA 

Located alongside the Mount Evans Scenic Byway, this park was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1995. Either than providing a place for people to have a picnic or barbecue at, Echo Lake Park also houses the Echo Lake Lodge that was built in 1926 along with Mount Evans that was designated as a historic site by the American Physical Society in 2017.

There are plenty of backpacking trails to access at Echo Lake Park, and the Arapaho National Forest background isn’t too far away either. This is a great place to soak in some views or to take a break from driving.

7. Ski at Echo Mountain

If you’re visiting Dumont during the winter season, you have to head to Echo Mountain for some skiing. It’s fully lit to offer night skiing and there are roughly 60 acres of skiable terrain.

The main ski lift at the mountain is the Milk Run Special, and the entire mountain is also wired for sound so music can be played. There are two lodge buildings within the area of modern industrial design that provides a place of relaxation for individuals hitting the slopes. The summit of the mountain is located at about 10,650 feet.

There you have it, some of the best landmarks in Dumont, CO! If you’re heading to Colorado, there are also plenty of other places to visit. Why not take a look at some day trips from Colorado Springs? With so much to see and enjoy, you’re sure to enjoy your time in Colorado.