Know Before You Go: What to bring on an ATV tour, Via Ferrata climb, Zipline, or Rafting trip!

Wondering what the best items to bring (or leave) for an outdoor adventure are? 

Don’t worry, we have you covered:

2-Seater ATV Tours

atv trip

For ATV trips we ask guests to arrive at least 30 minutes early for check-in. The trail for the tour is right down the road and guides set guests up with helmets and a safety talk and instruction on maneuvering the ATVs before the trip goes out. The trail starts off very rocky and dusty and then opens up at the top. There are great views and mud puddles to drive through!

Before you set out on the rocky trail up the mountain, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sunglasses or Eye Protection: The trip can get pretty dusty so protecting your eyes is important so you don’t lose focus on the drive
  • Scarves and gaiters are great face coverings to also keep the dust off
  • Close-toed shoes are required
  • Gloves and a warm jacket will be needed in the winter
  • Pants vs. Shorts? You can wear either, but pants are recommended 
  • Wear clothes you don’t mind getting muddy, dirty because there are mud puddles up the trail
  • Driver’s License: You will need to have a valid driver’s license with you on the tour if you plan on driving 
  • Water bottles can be brought on the trip, but aren’t necessarily needed 

We Provide:

  • Helmets 

Upper Colorado Rafting Float

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Upper Colorado Trips are a full day leisurely float through open wilderness and canyons. There’s hot springs you can relax in, places to swim, and diving rocks to jump from! We ask guests to arrive 30 minutes before the trip to get checked-in and to get fitted for a wetsuit and PFDs. Guests are then shuttled to the put-in which is 1 hour and 30 minutes from our adventure park. 

We also have Raft & Camp trips where you can raft and then camp overnight along the river!

  • Sunscreen (and Sunglasses) are recommended 
  • We also recommend wearing a bathing suite under your clothes in case you get wet or want to swim
  • Let us know your sandwich preference and if you have any dietary restrictions the day before the trip
  • Camera/Phone can be brought with you because the trip is slower, but we recommend having them kept in a waterproof case -otherwise you might want to leave them in the car 
  • Can you bring your Dog? We have had a few guests bring their fur baby on an Upper Colorado Rafting Float before. We do require the dogs have PFDs (life jackets) and from there the decision is up to the guides and any other guests going on the trip if they are comfortable with a dog attending. 
  • For Overnight Trips: We recommend bringing what you would on a camping trip (toiletries, change of clothes, personal items), but we do provide all of the camping gear

We Provide:

  • Helmets , PFDs (personal flotation device), and Wet Suites, and Booties. We also provide sandwiches, snacks, and drinks for lunch. 
  • For Raft & Camp Trips we also provide camping equipment, tents, cooking items and food/drinks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and sleeping bags

Fly & Spin Cast Fishing Trips


Clear Creek is a great area to fish in! Our guides love taking guests to scenic fishing spots like Georgetown Lake and Bakerville -located near our park. We ask guests to check-in at least 30 minutes before the trip and our guide will then shuttle you to the best fishing area. Here’s what you’ll need for the trip: 

  • Sunscreen, water bottle, and snacks are recommended  
  • The most important thing  to have is a Fishing License. They can be purchased Online HERE. There is the option to purchase an annual license or one for just 1 day.
  • Bringing waiters is optional -you don’t usually go too deep in the water on most trips, but if you would like to you can. 
  • Having bug spray and wearing long pants are recommended 
  • Close-toed shoes are also recommended -especially if you’re interested in doing any hiking on the trip 
  • You might also want to bring a camera on the trip or take photos on your phone

We Provide:

  • Fishing gear and equipment 

Via Ferrata-Zipline


We have 3 different Via Ferrata guided mountain climb sections: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The beginner and Intermediate Via also pairs with our Beginner Zipline that has 3 platforms you zip to. The Advanced Via can pair with a hike down the mountain or a 1 hour UTV ride down the mountain. We ask guests arrive 30 minutes early for check-in. Guides will meet you and take you to our Aerial shed to gear up and learn the ropes for the Aerial course!

Here’s what’s best to bring for the trip: 

  • Sunscreen and wearing clothes that are easy to move in are recommended 
  • Close-toed shoes are required
  • You’re going to want to avoid wearing long, dangling jewelry and anything that might get in the way of the climb or zip
  • Sometimes guests bring water bottles and snacks. We do recommend that for the Advanced Via, but not necessarily the Beginner or Intermediate trips. 
  • You can bring a camera or phone on the trip (Just be careful not to drop them)
  • Shorts v. Pants: You can wear either, but for some sections of the Via there may be shrubbery and foliage so pants are usually recommended. 
  • Can you bring a backpack? Backpacks aren’t needed, but sometimes guests prefer to bring them along to carry their water bottles, cellphone, and other items. 

We Provide:

  • Helmets and Gear

Whitewater Rafting on Clear Creek

raft splash

Whitewater rafting on Clear Creek usually lasts 2-3 hours during the summer. We have Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced trips that can be run. We ask guests to be mindful of traffic and arrive 1 hour to 30 minutes early. Once you’re checked-in you’ll be shuttled to the put-in which is about 15 minutes away. Here’s what to bring: 

  • Sunscreen and wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting wet in 
  • We recommend wearing a bathing suite under your clothes and then we provide a wet suite for you to wear over that
  • You’ll want to leave your shoes in the car since we provide waterproof booties
  • Cell phones and river water don’t mix so you’ll also want to leave your car keys, watches, and phone either at our front desk or in cubbies 
  • We usually recommend bringing a towel along with you. You can leave it in the shuttle during the trip and use it to dry off when you’re picked up at the end. 
  • You can bring a water bottle and snacks, but just remember not to leave anything behind in the shuttle van or bus after the trip. 

We Provide:

  • Helmets, wet suites, booties, and splash jackets 

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