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Rafting in the Colorado Rocky Mountains is the perfect way to spend some time in nature. Navigating through calm to rough rapids gives you an immersive nature experience that you can spend with your friends or family. 

At Lawson Adventure Park, you can enjoy whitewater rafting on Clear Creek in the late spring and early summer. To catch some scenic views on a more peaceful ride, you can raft on the Upper Colorado River. 

We’re located in Dumont, Colorado, which is known for its whitewater rafting attractions and scenic views of wildlife and the Rockies. Learn more about how you can enjoy nature on one of our rafting trips!

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Navigate Through the Rapids on Clear Creek

If you’re looking forward to working with your rafting buddies by navigating around obstacles and through rapids, you might want to try the Clear Creek whitewater rafting trip. The best thing about rafting on Clear Creek is being in the flowing rapids while surrounded by lush vegetation, beautiful rocky banks, and amazing mountain views.

Our beginner, intermediate, and advanced rafting trips can help you choose what kind of trip you’re looking for. If you’re new to rafting and want to ease into the rapids, the beginner rafting trip is a great start. You’ll have opportunities to navigate around obstacles with some light paddling, which gives you time to take in all the scenery around you. 

The water on the beginner portion of Clear Creek includes Class I, II, and III rapids. This includes gentle to moderate rapids that are easier to navigate. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, our intermediate and advanced rafting trips will definitely have you paddling, maneuvering your raft, and getting splashed by the cool running water. The advanced rafting trip is great if you’re really comfortable taking on Class IV and V rapids.

Our Clear Creek rafting trips run for just a few months in the late spring and early summer. The conditions during this time are most ideal for whitewater rafting, so you can have the most fun!

Take a Scenic Float on the Upper Colorado River

Between late summer and fall, you can take in the sights of nature on our peaceful full day Upper Colorado raft float. If you want to connect more with nature through a slower rafting excursion on the river, you might enjoy this leisurely whitewater rafting trip.

We don’t recommend bringing your phone or camera with you on the raft with our Clear Creek rafting trips. However, this trip only has gentle Class I and II rapids. The slower pace of the raft enables you to take wonderful pictures of the surrounding trees, mountains, and even wildlife!

If you want to make it a multi-day journey to spend even more time in the great outdoors, you can go rafting and camping for two or three days along the Upper Colorado River. This will give you a chance to settle in, listen to the nighttime insects singing, and view the stars above.

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Catch a Glimpse of Rocky Mountain Wildlife

There’s always a chance you’ll get to catch a glimpse of Rocky Mountain wildlife while rafting and spending time at the Lawson Adventure Park. You might be able to spot some Colorado birds soaring through the air, such as the majestic bald eagle or American peregrine falcon. 

Other animals that have been spotted near the area or on the mountains in the distance include chipmunks, bighorn sheep, black bears, foxes, and raccoons. Several fish species can be found in the Clear Creek, including various types of trout and the Colorado state fish, the greenback cutthroat.

Play and Stay in the Colorado Rockies

Rafting is one of the most popular outdoor activities people enjoy in the Dumont area. It’s super fun to get outside and take on adventurous water activities. You can view and experience things that would otherwise be inaccessible on foot.

You can always stay for a multi-day trip and select rafting, along with other activities that we offer at the park and resort. Camping, fishing, disc golf, and ATV tours are just a few other ways you can explore the wildlife and stunning flora in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

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