Please choose a comfort level that it is adequate for yourself or group. Some of our activities are more difficult than others.

Minimum ages are also available to help you find the comfort level for some of our activities. Factors that go into it are minimum ages that include but are not limited to a person’s weight, height, physical ability, mental ability, and maturity levels. We want everyone to enjoy their experience at our park.

The Zorb is an exciting activity and be prepared to get extremely wet. There will not be a dry part on you. You may want to bring additional clothing or a towel.

The Via Ferrata is for the more adventurous, if you or any one in your group is afraid of heights this may not be the right activity for that person. Our guides are highly trained and are there for your support.


Please feel free to download our easy to use guide to see height, weight and age restrictions for our various activities. Our guides are highly trained and look out for our guests when making the best decisions for each activity.

Please download our PDF file.

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