Why Play & Stay?


By Jessica Power

Top 5 Benefits to Making it a Staycation

At first glance some people might think having to add an overnight stay and deciding between a cabin and yurt might be more work than it’s worth. Since it’s not too far away from Denver, some people just come for a few activities then leave. But there might be some things travelers should consider before opting out of lodging at Lawson Adventure Park: Reason 1: You Get Tired -So Get a Yurt A lot of the activities featured at Lawson Adventure Park can usually accommodate children as young as 5 or 8 years old, but that doesn’t mean the activities aren’t engaging. Most activities involve climbing, pulling, bending, and a lot of other movements most people don’t usually do daily. Because a lot of the activities are featured in packages, you can have a day filled with mountain climbing, ziplining, and zorbing. It’s nice at the end of the day to retire in a yurt or a cabin and not worry about driving. Reason 2: Food Will Change Your Mood When you travel as a group, you’ll inevitably run into issues deciding what to eat. There are a lot of great restaurants in the area, but figuring out pricing and accommodating everyone’s needs can be frustrating. With a cabin you have a kitchen full of amenities and can fill your fridge with whatever food you want.  And all cabins and yurts come with bbq grills, so you can really make a feast for yourselves. Reason 3: A Vacation Beats a Day Trip It’s hard fitting everything you want to do in one day, especially if you discover more fun activities at the park. It’s easier to make it a fuller vacation and stay for 2 or 3 days to fit everything in and go at a slower pace. It would also give you time to check out the local area and maybe even visit the Argo Mill for mining tours or the Georgetown Loop Railroad. Reason 4: Bring the WHOLE Family Normally people leave their dogs at home when they go outdoors because they can’t exactly take them on a rafting  trip. But with a cabin or yurt you can leave your pup inside and then take them for a walk through the park after activities. Life is always better with dogs. Reason 5: Take-In the Outdoors Most people don’t come into the mountains very often, but once your here it can be challenging to leave. The green trees against the blue skies are vibrant. The air is fresh and invigorating. The mountains are awe-inspiring. The river is powerful and swift. It’s hard to walk away from that much beauty. So stay overnight and really experience being out in the Colorado wilderness.

Make it a Staycation