High Water Rafting Alert

By Deanna Westlake

Rafting is Colorado’s favorite Summer Mountain Activity. When the snow on the mountain melts, all that water runs down the mountain in fast paced rapids through the historic towns of Clear Creek County.

Check out the water levels Here. 

Due to the nature of any adventurous activity, when water levels get higher so does the level of risk. In July we are at the highest point of Water Levels and it’s only going to get higher throughout the month. 

Every year, there are fatalities that occur due to rafting. During this time, we suggest amateurs, or inexperienced rafters, take on a different adventure. 

Bummed out? Don’t be! We”still offer rafting but there are a ton of different Summer Activities in the Rocky Mountains for everyone!

Some other exciting Summer Activities include Ziplining, Zorbing, Rock Climbing and Challenge Courses. Luckily, we have a list of things to do to give you ideas and other fun opportunities this Summer!


“Zorbing has to be one of the coolest and weirdest experiences I’ve ever had! I can’t wait to go back to Lawson! “