Remote Work In Nature

Having a flexible workspace is one of the best things about remote work. You are not confined to a boring office. As a remote worker, you can basically travel and work at the same time!

Where to go? The Rockies sounds like a good idea. You can have fun during the day and work in the late afternoon until the evening. Or stay comfortable working in a cabin during weekdays and play at the weekend. 

If your work schedule is flexible, you can totally get rid of Monday blues and kick-start the week doing things you love! 

As they say — work hard, play harder. In this article, we’ll show you what Lawson Adventure Park & Resort has to offer. With our excellent accommodations and exciting activities available – you won’t even feel like you’re working at all!

8 Fully Furnished Cabins Are Excellent Remote Working Spots

The perfect remote working locations are those places where you can comfortably work uninterrupted and get to enjoy exciting activities during your break.

Lawson Adventure Park couldn’t be more perfect for this remote work. Why? We have fully furnished cabins that come with modern amenities. Also — you can even bring your pets with you. 

Our master bedrooms are equipped with queen-sized beds to give you the best sleep every night and a foldable desk that you can use while working remotely. All g of course as we know you’ll need this for remote work. Lockboxes are provided so you can keep your laptop and other valuables secure and safe. Cabins are furnished with a full kitchen stocked with dishware and a BBQ Grill.

Note: We also have a themed cabins at Lawson Adventure Park. We have a modern, tiny home-style cabin, gold mining themed cabin, 2 BR cabin that can accommodate 5 guests, motorcycle themed, etc. 

Adventure Yurts for Remote Workers Who Want a Camping-Like Style Accommodation

Do you prefer working in a tent? Our insulated yurts are equipped with beds and beddings, propane heaters, BBQ grill, lanterns and free Wi-Fi. You’re provided with everything you need to give you a camping-like feel as well as a comfortable place to work in. 

You can bring up to 2 dogs in our adventure yurts. No kitchen and restrooms inside the yurts but a bathhouse and showers are provided for all the guests. 

Adventure Basecamp: Remote Work with a View

Remote work has a lot of perks. First, you get to work anywhere you want. Whether it’s at the comfort of your own home, at the beach, in a cabin in the woods. And the best thing is – you can choose a really cool location that offers great views plus good food and drinks! And that’s where our Adventure Basecamp comes in. 

You can enjoy cool refreshments and snacks while working in the open air. The sky and tree views will improve your mood and motivate you to work even more. You can also pre-order drinks before check-in and we can place them in either your cabin and yurts. 

One of our top priorities is to keep all our guests safe so we request everyone to social distance at all times and wear the appropriate masks. 

Year-Round Activities for All Guests

While remote work allows you to work anywhere you want, we do understand that it can be stressful especially if your job requires a lot of energy and focus. Lawson Adventure Park has the solution to all this. Whatever season you are visiting, we’ll make sure that you do not run out of activities to do after working grueling hours. 

Spring Activities

Take a break from work and explore the Rockies with our UTV Side-by-Sides! Ideal for both children (at least 5 years old) and adults, this activity lets you see the best of the Rockies plus an exciting tour in an old gold mine! This activity runs from April to October and available thrice a day. 

If you’re more like a water person, why not try our Upper Colorado River Rafting? This can be a great adventure for everyone in the family! Don’t worry, we do have guides who will be with you during the excursion. 

Remote workers who are so stressed out at work may want to try our Guided Mountain Climb Via Ferrata – Zipline. This surely will take your mind off work! This can go as high as 230 ft. For safety, harnesses and clips will be provided. If you’ve done this before, you can sign up for an Advanced/Intermediate for a more challenging climb. 

Summer Adventures

Summer is the perfect season to do anything outdoors! At Lawson Adventure Park, we’ll make sure you have a summer to remember! Yes, you can work and have great fun too! 

Work on the weekdays and make sure you book our 2 days of Incredible Adventure that includes three exciting activities: Upper Colorado Rafting, Ziplining and Via Ferrata Guided Mountain Climb. 

Do you prefer an exhilarating adventure during summer? Sign up for our White Water Rafting and enjoy the scenic river views. Equipment will be provided and Beginner/Advanced Rafting is available. Note that only children at least 8 years old can participate in Beginner Rafting and at least 14 years old for Advanced Rafting.

Keep in mind that spring activities are also available in the summer. We also have combined activities to let you experience more of the Rockies. Just contact us if you want to know more. 

Winter Adventures in the Rocky Mountains

It’s not every day that you get to visit the Rocky Mountains during winter, so why not spend it doing all the exciting winter activities? You can go snowmobiling near the Winter Park, go ice skating at Idaho Springs, snow tubing at Echo Mountainski at Loveland, ice car racing at Georgetown Lake, go on horse sleigh rides, and take a bath in a geothermal soaking pool with the breathtaking mountain views as the backdrop. 

* Summer and Spring activities are also available in the Fall. 

What Are You Waiting For? Come Visit Us!

At Lawson Adventure Park, we cater to everyone! Whether you are working and traveling with the family, there is always something to do at the park. Our accommodations are excellent to give you the best working environment. You can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and take refuge at Lawson Adventure Park. 

Our accommodation and activities are not just for travelers but also for remote workers who will have the best environment for both work and play. And the best part? You don’t need to wait for Friday to have fun! You can sign up for our activities any time of the week! Yes, even on a Monday! Book your stay today!