Going on a staycation in the Rockies has a lot of benefits. Our post ‘Top 8 Tips on Making Your Trip More Relaxing’ highlights that it allows you to rest longer, sneak multiple activities in, and take in more of the outdoors during your trip.

These benefits mean you know how to make your next play & stay as enjoyable as possible. However, you also need to remember that visiting a natural environment like the Rockies requires you to take the utmost care if you want to avoid destroying and disturbing the area.

With that said, here’s how to make the most out of your next play & stay while being a responsible Rockies tourist:

1. Stick to the Trail

The Rockies is a vast region. There are multiple campgrounds and activity sites in the area, so it’s very easy to get lost. While it is tempting to take shortcuts, don’t do it. You can quickly get disoriented, and it’ll be difficult to call for help with little to no cellphone reception. Instead, stick to the trails. They’re made to guide visitors to different areas of the Rockies safely. Moreover, sticking to the trail means you don’t disturb the surrounding nature and wildlife. This protects the natural habitat of true locals, animals, and plants.

2. Don't Litter and Refrain from Smoking

Because you’re in nature, littering in the Rockies is a big no-no. It harms the environment and endangers both animals and fellow tourists. Bring several trash bags on your trip and pack your food in reusable containers so you generate less waste. On a similar note, don’t smoke. Not only is it a potential forest fire starter, but cleaning up ash outdoors is impossible.

One option is to use nicotine alternatives like nicotine pouches in place of cigarettes. The variety of products on Prilla are extremely high quality, so they’ll satisfy your nicotine cravings. They can be directly thrown into your trash bag after use as well. Unlike cigarettes, there are no loose particles to clean up and stress over. By following these tips, you can protect the environment and make the trip enjoyable for everyone.

3. Avoid Wildlife

Wildlife encounters are highly possible in the Rockies. It’s home to many animals like elk, bighorn sheep, and mule deer. However curious you may be, don’t approach them. The National Park Service’s wildlife viewing guide emphasizes that harassing or feeding wildlife is illegal. Feeding them human food reduces their survival abilities in nature, and harassing them may result in aggression.

Keep a distance of at least 75 feet (about 2 buses in length) from elk and sheep when you see them. For bigger animals like bears and moose, stay at least 118 feet away. However, it’s nice to note that taking pictures of wildlife (without flash) is alright as long as you stay a good distance away.

bighorn sheep

4. Stay Hydrated

The Rockies has a dry climate. Along with all the walking and other activities you’ll do, you may become dehydrated. Bring a reusable water bottle with you, especially when you’re outdoors. The water bottles from Hydro Flask are one of the best to bring. It’s insulated and made of stainless steel, so you can rest assured that it can endure the rough environment. The bottle’s handle also makes it easy to carry by hand or strapped to your backpack. Keeping yourself hydrated is key to maintaining health and making the most of your trip.

A play & stay in the Rockies is all the more enjoyable when you’re a responsible visitor. Remember not to litter, keep hydrated, avoid wildlife, and follow the trails.

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