Is it feasible to ski and snowboard in Colorado without breaking the bank? Absolutely! Some of Colorado’s greatest skiing can be experienced for less than half the price of the larger ski resorts with a little effort.

In many situations, driving times are shorter, traffic is lighter, and lift lines are nearly non-existent. When you combine local charm with friendly people instead of competing crowds, the concept of exploring somewhere new while saving money has a lot going for it.

Colorado’s low-cost ski resorts are enjoyable. Their smaller size creates a relaxed atmosphere, and their old-school charm will entice you and help you escape the stresses of daily life. These resorts have plenty of snow in common with their more costly relatives, so why pay more for the same amount of the glorious white stuff?

If you want to go skiing for cheap in Colorado, you don’t have to search far. Many of the most affordable ski resorts are closer to Denver than you might think, and in many cases, closer than big-name resorts, so you can save money on gas as well.

Although the budget resorts may not have the fastest chairlifts, the lack of lift lines more than compensates. You might be amazed at how much vertical you can achieve in a day, and your legs will get some additional rest. Tripztour travel guide is an excellent resource for finding beautiful resorts, villas, and overwater bungalows in the USA. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious escape or a romantic getaway, Tripztour offers a wide range of options to suit your preferences.

Colorado’s low-cost ski resorts are perfect for families since they are an economical way to spend your money. You will not only save money on lift tickets, but also on parking, meals, and lodging.

With this list of the finest inexpensive ski resorts in Colorado, you can plan an affordable ski vacation.

Adventuring Further Into the Mountains

Given a great concern that goes with trying to explore and find the best activities for kids is also monitoring safety around road conditions, here are the suggestions for kids activities with their proximity to Denver and I-70:

  1. Eldora Ski Resort

When you include in the cost of fuel, lodging, lift tickets, and food on the mountain, it’s easy to understand why Eldora ranks high on the list of Colorado’s most cheap ski resorts.

The resort is approximately 47 miles from Denver and 21 miles from Boulder, so you may save money on lodging if you visit these or other neighbouring towns for the day. You are welcome to bring your own lunch. Finally, lift tickets are inexpensive.

All of these deals add up to a fantastic day on the slopes, particularly for families with adolescents who like snowboarding or freestyle. The mountain contains eight terrain parks with all of the standard features as well as some wild ones created by the mountain team.

The parks in Eldora are part of the Woodward programme, which means they are among the best in the state.

With an average snowfall of roughly 25 feet every season, the 680 acres of skiable terrain is normally in good shape. Eldora is one of the few ski resorts with complete snowmaking coverage.

Ten lifts, one of which is a six-passenger high-speed chair, swiftly return you to the top while keeping lift queue wait time to a minimum. Eldora boasts 40 km of groomed tracks of varied difficulties snaking their way through the forest for those who love cross-country skiing.

2. Loveland Ski Area

Loveland is approximately 53 miles from Denver, making it a quick trip from the city or Denver International Airport. While others are still driving to resorts several hours away, you will be cruising down uncrowded, snow-covered slopes. It’s a terrific, inexpensive place to ski or snowboard, with some of the greatest powder in the state.

Loveland provides fantastic prices on advance lift tickets, especially if you buy them in groups of four. Even if you just intend to ski a few times this winter, a season pass may be worthwhile. The reciprocal advantages include three free ski days at many other resorts, thereby covering the cost of the pass. As if that weren’t enough, the resort also provides complimentary snowcat lifts to more difficult terrain.

The mountain features 94 designated ski lines spread across 1,800 acres, with nine lifts serving them all. Loveland has a sparkling new toy that skiers will adore for the 2022/23 season: a triple chair for Lift #6. This chair will take the place of the 40-year-old double that was beginning to show its age.

Loveland is a terrific budget ski resort for families, not just because of its low-cost lift tickets, but also because it is a great spot to take lessons. The Loveland Valley section, which is distinct from the rest of the mountain, has its own lift and is solely for beginners. There’s no need to be concerned about speed skiers whizzing past while you practise your spins.

For more skilled skiers, the Loveland Basin region offers a diverse range of intermediate to expert routes, including some spectacular wide-open bowl skiing.

Southeast Colorado, New Mexico, and even Texas bargain hunters, rejoice! You are lucky to have one of the state’s cheapest and snowiest ski resorts right in your neighbourhood.

Wolf Creek, located in the state’s southernmost section, is all about snow, 430 inches, or approximately 36 feet. Given that the resort receives the most snow in Colorado and is a low-cost ski destination, you might think it’s overcrowded. That, thankfully, is not the case. You will discover a fantastic local resort with 1,600 skiable acres.

3. Wolf Creek Ski Resort

Southeast Colorado, New Mexico, and even Texas bargain hunters, rejoice! You are lucky to have one of the state’s cheapest and snowiest ski resorts right in your neighborhood.

Wolf Creek, located in the state’s southernmost section, is all about snow, 430 inches, or approximately 36 feet. Given that the resort receives the most snow in Colorado and is a low-cost ski destination, you might think it’s overcrowded. That, thankfully, is not the case. You will discover a fantastic local resort with 1,600 skiable acres.

The resort is stretched out throughout the slope and is situated in an outstanding location for capturing snow. The runs are a combination of beginner, intermediate, and expert, with superb tree skiing. Lift tickets are reasonably priced, and on-mountain eating is inexpensive, full, and good.

Accommodation is available to the west of the mountain in adjacent Pagosa Springs or to the west at South Fork. Both towns provide decent eating alternatives and grocery stores for people who want to cook for themselves. Pagosa Springs has the added benefit of being able to bathe in the hot springs.

4. Winter Park Resort

Winter Park, only 67 miles from Denver, has long been a favorite alternative for people wishing to save money on gas while getting the most resort facilities for their money.

This is one of the more substantial budget resorts. Winter Park essentially remade itself in 2020 with over $30 million in upgrades in crucial infrastructure and new chairlifts. If you haven’t skied here in a while, it’s certainly worth a look.

Winter Park receives around 27 feet of snow every season, which is supplemented by major snowmaking facilities. There is a lot of terrain for skiing here: 3,081 acres are simply waiting to be explored. There are 166 named runs, with the majority geared towards intermediate skiers. With 23 lifts, including a 10-passenger gondola, your ski ticket dollar goes a long way here.

Taking the Winter Park Express Train to the mountain is a great way to save money while skiing in Winter Park. The train departs from the historic Union Station, making it ideal for individuals who are in the centre of Denver and do not have a car.

Enjoy the breathtaking view and don’t worry about traffic or parking. Rest your tired legs as you relax at the end of the day and let someone else drive.

5. Hesperus Ski Resort

If you base yourself in Durango, you’ll be at one of the best areas in Colorado for affordable skiing. Not only is the lodging and meals cheap, but there are two affordable ski hills to pick from: Purgatory and Hesperus.

Hesperus, which is only a few minutes from downtown Durango, is probably the lesser-known of the two, but that fits those who ski here perfectly. The Big Horn double chair serves a 700-foot plunge on the 8,888-foot-high mountain.

Not only will you enjoy stunning views of Durango from the summit, but you’ll also have your pick of 26 named routes. When the sun goes down, the fun doesn’t stop at Hesperus. In fact, the mountain claims to have the most extensive night skiing operation in the whole southwest United States.

Families with children under the age of 12 may save money on a ski trip here, just like in Purgatory, thanks to the kids ski free programme. Any child under the age of 12 receives a free season pass.

If you’ve had your fill of skiing and boarding and are looking for some fresh family fun, go over to the Marmot Hill area and go down one of the many chutes.

6. Echo Mountain

This is a modest business with only 13 runs, but that’s good because the lift ticket fee is reasonable for the amenities. Echo Mountain is only 36 miles from Denver, making it a great day trip location and a cost-effective alternative for petrol and lodging. Snowfall here is substantial, with an annual average of roughly 23 feet, but the mountain also has extensive snowmaking facilities.

Night skiing is an added pleasure at Echo. After you finish your workday, you’ll be able to score laps in the terrain park or on the main temporary runs in no time. Echo also has a tubing facility for individuals who do not wish to ski.

7. Monarch Mountain

Monarch Mountain is a relatively unknown resort that receives 350 inches (29 feet) of snow each year. The mountain offers a good vertical drop of 1,162 feet and 66 designated trails, so there are plenty of downhill alternatives. This is a low-key resort, with residents and guests engaging and enjoying the gorgeous surroundings.

A visit here is inexpensive thanks to moderately priced lift tickets, reasonably priced meal services, and inexpensive learn-to-ski packages. Due to the lack of lift lines, boarders and freestylers will be able to rack up an astonishing number of laps at the two terrain parks.

New parking lot renovations to enhance capacity by several hundred spots, as well as the installation of RFID gates at the lifts, have made travelling to the ski slope easier and more pleasant. The mountain has also reduced the number of trees in the Breezeway region. On the Snowburn, Outback, and Shag runs, skiers will notice greater space to move about.

You could be tempted to attempt cat-skiing, just as you were at Cooper. Rides up may be scheduled via the resort, opening up a further 1,631 acres of untracked terrain.

The adjacent town of Salida offers a low-cost lodging choice. There is a vast range of options available, from chain hotels to family-owned facilities. Dining here is also inexpensive, with local eateries delivering enormous quantities at reasonable prices.

8. Cooper Ski Area

Cooper is located in the same mountain range as Vail, Breckenridge, and Beaver Creek, so you’ll enjoy the same incredible snow conditions without the expensive prices. Cooper, which has been in operation since 1942, is a welcoming area with excellent amenities and snow. Five lifts serve 59 trails across 470 acres. Lift tickets are a steal here, costing half the price of the major resorts just down the road.

Cooper says that their all-natural snow is the softest in Colorado. There is terrain for all levels, from the best learning and novice sections to spectacular snow and glades.

Leadville, with a population of 2,700 people, is just down the road. You’ll be able to save even more money in town with moderately cost lodging and food. After a day on the slopes, take a stroll along the historic main street to stretch your legs.

It’s worth noting that Leadville is also at an altitude of 10,052 feet, so if you’re feeling fatigued after a day on the slopes, it’s not because you’re out of shape; it’s just that there isn’t a lot of oxygen to go around.

9. Purgatory Resort

Purgatory Resort, located just outside of Durango, is one of the biggest ski destinations that budget travellers will enjoy. Purgatory, or “Purg” for short, is a popular resort in the San Juan Mountains. Lift tickets are more expensive here than at some of the smaller cheap resorts, but considering what you receive for your money, skiing here is a fair investment.

One of the best ways to save money at Purg is to have your children ski for free. There are no adults necessary; any youngster 12 and under at the time of purchasing receives a complimentary season pass. There are no ties attached; this is the real deal.

The resort gets a good quantity of snow each season, and because much of the mountain faces north, the snow stays put. Eleven lifts service almost 100 courses and are strategically placed around the mountain. Lift lines are uncommon in this area.

By skiing in Purgatory, you can really save money on lodging. Durango, a vibrant town just down the road from the resort, is an easy drive away. There is a large range of hotels and inns to suit every budget.

Because the town is home to Fort Lewis College, there are many excellent budget eateries catering to students. The huge and well-stocked City Market in the centre of town is a fantastic go-to food shop for individuals who want to cook for themselves.

10. Sunlight Mountain Resort

Sunlight Mountain Resort is just up the road from world-famous Aspen, and the value equation is off the charts. Sunlight, a reasonably big resort with a diverse range of runs, offers fantastic value.

They are appropriately called since they enjoy over 300 days of sunshine each year. Add in 250 inches (almost 21 feet) of snow every season, and you’ll understand why people love this region.

Intermediate skiers will have a great time here. There are 67 courses on the mountain, several of which are lengthy cruisers. The glades are a good option for those searching for a little extra challenge. After a storm, the snow in the aspen trees remains thick and untracked for days.

Sunlight is a fantastic family ski resort. The ski school provides a variety of packages, including the Learn to Shine programme, which is one of the most affordable methods to begin your kids skiing.

The bargains here stretch beyond the mountain. Glenwood Springs, which is nearby, has a wide choice of cheap and mid-range lodging alternatives. Dining in town is also inexpensive since you won’t be paying ski-town pricing; instead, you’ll pay what the locals spend. And Glenwood Springs is a lively town with much to do while you’re not skiing.

The amazing natural hot springs, which are available in two sites in town, will ease your sore muscles and get you back on the slopes in no time.

11. Arapahoe Basin

Arapahoe Basin is a tiny mountain resort in Colorado that has a longer ski season than others. A-Basin is frequently open until early June, and occasionally until early July, when most other ski resorts close in early April.

With lift tickets as cheap as $59 online for adults, you can enjoy superb skiing at a moderate cost!

Frisco Adventure Park, located nearby, provides tubing and sledding. It’s easily accessible and features a beginner’s ski slope as well as sleigh rides! You may have an hour and as many runs as you like for $25.

12. Howelsen Hill

Howelsen Hill, North America’s oldest functioning ski slope, is managed by the City of Steamboat Springs. Since 1915, it has sent more skiers to international events than any other area in North America.

Howelsen Hill offers the largest and most comprehensive natural ski jumping slope in North America, where approximately 90 Olympians have trained. You never know, you may run across an Olympian.

Colorado’s lowest lift tickets: adults spend $43, adolescents pay $31, and children may ski for free!

Unlike other ski resorts where you may save money by purchasing online ahead of time, you will only be able to purchase these lift tickets in person.

Tickets may be purchased at the refreshment stand, the Winter Sports Club office on the second floor of the Howelsen Hill Lodge, and the vending machine inside the Fireplace Room on the first floor of the Howelsen Hill Lodge throughout the season.

13. Silverton Mountain

“Steep and deep!” says the narrator. Silverton Mountain in southwest Colorado has only one ski lift that serves advanced or expert skiers. Consider this a destination for your daring, thrill-seeking adolescent skiers or snowboarders.

Silverton Mountain Resort is one of the most affordable Colorado ski resorts for your family’s advanced and daring skiers.

On ungroomed terrain, both guided and unguided skiing is available. In 2023, one day of unguided skiing will cost $99 USD. Obviously, guided skiing is more expensive. Unguided skiing is available from around mid-March to mid-April 14.

Heli drops occur here as well. That’s correct! You may be dropped down by helicopter for some of the most spectacular untracked skiing in North America.

14. Powderhorn Mountain

Powderhorn Mountain Resort is the only ski area on the Western Slope. I mean it when I say there are no mega-resorts nearby. Telluride and Aspen are the closest—both are more over 100 miles distant. Powderhorn is the place to go if you want to get away from the typical ski tourist.

This jewel is located on Grand Mesa, the world’s biggest flattop mountain, and has its own weather systems. If there’s a cloud cover on Grand Mesa on a sunny and dry January day in Grand Junction, Powderhorn is sure to get poured on.

15. Kendall Ski Area

Ski Kendall, a companion to Hesperus in the San Juan National Forest, is the closest to Silverton. These two are considerably smaller than other ski slopes in Colorado, but the scenery is breathtaking. Kendall is novice and family-friendly, so take your kids skiing here this winter for a gorgeous, low-cost ski vacation.

Also, once a month, they offer free ski days. Though its 300 vertical feet aren’t extreme, you won’t find a cheaper ski trip in a more picturesque location.

After you’ve finished skiing, relax with a cup of cocoa in Silverton.

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What to Pack for a Ski Vacation? 

These are some following equipments which everyone should carry for a ski trip.

  • Bibs or trousers for skiing or snowboarding
  • Volt Ski goggles offer waterproof mittens or heated gloves.
  • Winter activities require long, toasty socks.
  • VOLT 8V Heated Lava Boots to wear before and after the slopes
  • Helmet
  • For extra warmth, use a head and neck gaiter.
  • Lip balm and sunscreen
  • On the slopes, a small 20-liter backpack may be used to transport water, food and extra clothing.


1. Where is the most affordable ski resort?

Ski Cooper is one of Colorado’s most cheap ski resorts, if not the greatest bargain. It’s also only a few miles from Leadville, a historic Western town. Leadville is both enjoyable and economical in every manner. Hesperus Ski Area is one of the least expensive ski resorts in Colorado, although it lacks the snow and terrain seen at most other Colorado ski slopes.

2. How do you ski in Colorado on a budget?

Purchase discounted ski lift tickets online. If you don’t have a ski pass, this is usually the best method to save money. Stay at a bed & breakfast or vacation rental to save money on lodging, as many are only a few minutes from ski resorts. Pack a meal for the day because ski resort food and beverages may get expensive. Finally, shop locally or rent equipment. If you don’t have any equipment and are on a tight budget, avoid the shops at base areas and hunt for deals elsewhere.

3. How can I stay at cheap ski resorts?

Examine the websites of hotels and lodges that provide ski holiday packages. Sign up for ski resort newsletters and follow them on social media, as special deals are frequently posted there.


So there you have it: a few recommendations for Colorado’s most cheap ski resorts. Pack your luggage and equipment and discover for yourself that experiencing some of the greatest snow conditions in the world will not cost you a fortune. Leave a resort review after your Colorado ski trip to assist other travelers in planning their Colorado ski getaway.

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