SightSeeing on Your Journey to Adventure


By Jessica Power

Sightseeing on Your Journey to Adventure

The real Colorado isn’t found in the crowded city streets, museums, and tourist attractions: It’s in the Mountains. 

There is no grander monument that could be erected to embody it.

You know Red Rocks as you pass it by in the distance on 470 headed to I-70 W. (If you’ve never been there I highly suggest taking a tour through).

Then gliding over the city of Golden, looking down over the land like an eagle, you turn to begin the journey upward into the mountains.

At one point you pass through a small town of mansions in the sky. And the first thing you think is, “How the heck did they get that all the way up there?” But I wouldn’t envy them if I were you, they have to find a way to drive up there in the winter snow.

Then just as you come to a grand opening view of white peaked mountains in the distance, to your right is the amazing Buffalo Overlook Wildlife Refuge.

And it’s no coincidence this site is located near the road leading up to Buffalo Bill’s Museum + gravesite. The museum offers a greater insight -beyond the myth -to the life of not just Buffalo Bill but also the past history of the area. It also has an incredible view over the distant cityscape and you shift from the view of city window looking out towards mountains to mountain top view looking back towards the city.

Beyond the buffalos, you then come to the grand, sweeping view of the mountains. No photo can really do it justice.

From there you’re sailing through a sea of trees. Eventually you arrive at the beginning of Clear Creek County, where you can find a noticeably large antique shop and a small town looking out from the slopes of the mountains.

Then life turns exhilarating as you slide down the steepest slopes into the side of the highest mountain. Your reward for masterfully descending down the hillside is a trip through the mouth of a mountain in the Veteran Memorial Tunnels with the small historic town of Idaho Springs on the other side. And though it’s hard to see going into Idaho Springs, there is a beautiful landmark known as Bridal Veil Falls that can be hiked to and seen from the other side of I-70.

Depending on your journey, you may want to stop for lunch there since they have so many options. You can also stock up on food from the local Safeway if you’re planning on staying several days in one of the fully-furnished cabins at Lawson Adventure Park.

Finally you come to the last set of winding mountains. Then taking Exit 235 or 234, you pass through the quiet town of Lawson and over the bridge over Clear Creek River, where summer river rafting takes place.

When you arrive at Lawson Adventure Park & Resort, don’t forget to grab the bucket of s’more supplies available in the lodge. 😉