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If you are an entrepreneur who is struggling to come up with your next business idea, you may just need to go outside. It’s true. The outdoors can be great for productivity, formulating ideas, and helping you learn who you really are. Lawson Adventure Park & Resort has some great tips for how you can make the most of your time with nature.


Learn About Yourself

Whether you like hiking, swimming, boating, or anything in between, you can do it all when you venture outdoors. The great thing about being outside is that you have plenty of time to look inside of yourself and think about what really makes you tick. It can be so hard to think with so many indoor distractions so the quiet of the outdoors may be exactly what you need.

When it is just you and your thoughts, you can begin to think about what really drives you. Why do you want to start a business? How do you want to make a difference in the world? You can also think about your values, potential biases, and how you want others to see you. As you spend more time outside, you will begin to iron out these ideas, and while you are learning about yourself, you may come up with a business idea that you never previously considered.

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Benefits of Nature

In addition to the introspective benefits of being outside, you may be surprised at how nature can actually improve your mental health. If coming up with a new idea is giving you anxiety then a walk outside could be the solution. The American Psychological Association notes that psychologists have found that being outside can put our minds at ease and make us feel a level of comfort that we often don’t get when indoors. There is something about being surrounded by greenery that brings us a sense of calm.

While good for anxiety, outdoor activity is also great for our productivity. In a recent study cited by The Independent, workers in the UK who spent just 29 minutes outside were 45% more effective when they returned to work. That’s likely because a break from work can do the body good and allow us to return to our desks feeling refreshed. This can be as simple as taking a stroll around the block or to a nearby cafe on your lunch hour. If a half-hour can be that effective, just imagine how good a day of fishing or relaxing at the beach will make you feel.

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Business Advice

Along with outside activity, the other aspect of a smooth business plan is simplifying your thought process. That means tackling each aspect of your business one step at a time, and if you need help, reach out to a colleague. If you don’t know who to turn to, you can also try the resources at the Small Business Administration.

Starting your new business can be stressful, so you may want to make things easier by starting a limited liability corporation. A limited liability company (LLC) is a great idea because it is generally easy to set up with less paperwork then the other business structures. You can also get some great advantages come tax time and there is more flexibility so you can run your business your way.

Another big time saver and necessary system to have in place is software to help you run your business. For example, when you implement accounting software you’re able to keep track of where your money is going, help you manage cash flow with automated invoicing, prepare payroll, and a number of other tasks. A robust system will also uncover insights into your business’s financial performance with real-time reports, allowing you to make smarter and timelier business decisions.

As you can see, spending time outside can be very helpful for creating new ideas and staying productive as you bring them to life. Not only will you become more reflective as you learn about yourself and get acquainted with nature, you’ll benefit from the clear-headedness that will allow you to optimize your business acumen.

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Working Remotely in the Colorado Rocky Mountains

Why not work and play?

Being a mountain resort, we offer a wide range of outdoor activities hosted either onsite or nearby as well as fully furnished cabins (with free wifi). For those who want the convenience of being able to work remote, stay near local amenities like restaurants, and take in the scenic views of the mountains -our location provides a great way to feel at home away form home. 

We’ve also hosted corporate outings onsite as well featuring private meeting spaces, bar & grill service, group adventures, and lodging buyouts.  

Lawson Adventure Park & Resort is your premier play and stay destination in Colorado. Contact us today to learn more! 720-779-2595

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