Staycation Ideas Near Denver

Travel and long-distance vacations are out and more people are looking for local staycation activities to entertain themselves. If you live in the Denver area, what are your options?

There are no shortage of options for a staycation near Denver. Whether you’re looking for indoor activities or want to experience the natural wonders of the state, there are plenty of staycation venues for you to discover. 

As a Denver resident, you know you live in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. Don’t keep searching for “staycation ideas near me”, we’ve got everything you need to know in this guide!

Fat Biking

Colorado is famous for skiing and snowboarding, but have you ever heard of fat biking? If your family likes to have fun in the snow, you have to take them on a fat bike ride.

Fat bikes have wider tires so that you can ride the trails no matter what the conditions. You’ll love this different and exciting snow day activity with friends and family.

Yurt Staycation Venues

You might think that the difference between a vacation vs. staycation depends on where you stay. While most staycations involve staying at home, you should still shake up your surroundings.

Why not stay in a yurt? Yurts are like upgraded tents in the Colorado mountains that offer some amenities and a way to connect with nature.

Think of it as a step up from roughing it. You’ll have all of the fun of camping without having to set up your own equipment.

Artsy Staycation Activities

Think the largest art scene is just in New York City or Paris? While those cities may have some of the biggest names to ever touch a canvas, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have an art adventure here in Denver.

Visit the Denver Art Museum in the Civics Center and also the Santa Fe Arts District in Colfax. These are great places to take a date or show your children some culture and creativity.

Ready to unleash your inner artist? The Denver Glass Academy offers glass blowing classes for all skill levels or you can expand your yarn craft skills at Fancy Tiger Crafts.

Laugh it Up

We all need a little pick me up so why not visit a comedy club? These venues are must-sees if you want to really enjoy your staycation.

Not only will you have the chance to see big-name stars if they’re touring, but you might discover the next great comic before they hit it big. Check out the Comedy Room, Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, or the Bovine Metropolitan Theater and keep the blues at bay.

Rest and Relaxation

Vacations are a way to rest your body and mind so that you can return to your regular life refreshed and ready to take on any challenge. Staycations shouldn’t be any different and that’s why you need to pamper yourself during your time off.

There are many beautiful and rejuvenating hot springs located in Denver. Look up Strawberry Hot Springs, Ironwood, or Glen Mountain hot springs to get an idea of the different options that are available.

Looking for massages, facials, and mani-pedis? There are plenty of full-service salons and spas for you to discover.

Mile High Massage uses cannabis and CBD lotions to help you unwind. Go to Indulgences for a couples massage that will melt away all stress and tension.

Curious about sensory deprivation floating tanks? Check out Easy Float or the Samana Float Center to try this interesting relaxation and meditation technique out.

Adventure Staycation Near Denver

Want to really get the blood pumping? You need to book an all-terrain adventure that takes advantage of Denver’s gorgeous natural landscape.

Enjoy the sights from the top of a mountain and ziplining down through beautiful trees. End the day with whitewater rafting down Clear Creek, which even beginners can take on.

Pub Crawl

Want to warm up in the winter? Try organizing a pub crawl with your friends.

Denver has plenty of incredible bars and even more amazing cocktails, beers, and wines. From upscale to down-home, Denver caters to every taste and flavor.

The Big White Russian Bar offers grown-up drinks with a sugary cereal twist. Check out Ace Eat Serve where you can knock back a few while you play ping-pong.

If you really want to have fun, you need to check out Bread. This bar is a hidden bakery-turned-bar that is a local well-kept secret.

The Theater Experience

There’s a wide variety of performances that you can’t miss in your local Denver theaters. Whether you’re looking for high art or avant-garde offerings, you’ll find it in a local theater.

The Denver Performing Arts Complex hosts traveling Broadway productions as well as local shows and dances. The Oriental Theater has something for everyone, from drag shows to new music acts, to Ignite which are five minute talks from notable locals.

From ballet to Broadway, from rock shows to symphonies, you’ll be endlessly entertained in Denver theaters. Check local schedules and start filling in your calendar.

Become a Foodie

Cooking for yourself is a healthy option, but there’s a whole gourmet world to discover in Denver. You might struggle to find a great place to eat because there are too many places you need to try.

Have fun at Sushi-Rama where the food comes to you on a conveyor belt. Music City Hot Chicken might be a little outside of town but their fried chicken is worth it.

Star Kitchen is the place to go for dim sum. If you want a truly interesting experience, make your way to Ophelia’s Electric Soap Box.

Find Staycation Ideas Near Me

Denver residents, stop Googling “find staycation ideas near me”. As you can see, we’ve got enough ideas to fill your schedule and show you an amazing side of the wonderful city you live in. 

There’s no shortage of staycation venues for you to explore. If you’re not looking to book a place but instead expand your interests, our staycation activities will keep you busy and might even help you learn a new skill or two.

Find your ultimate staycation near Denver right now. Book your visit to our lodge and discover all of the adventures that Denver has to offer!