Summer Activities: May 21 -August 1 2021

Experience the best of Colorado Rocky Mountain Adventure this summer! We have plenty of activities for young adventurers, families, corporate groups, retreats, camp groups, couples, and those who want to experience the great outdoors together! 

No Colorado vacation is complete without whitewater rafting in one of our scenic rivers. Rafting season usually only lasts a month or two, so get in and paddle while the waves are still rolling. Choose between Mild or Wild Rafting! 

Take a guided mountain climb on our Via Ferrata, then traverse over to the Zipline platform and soar down from above! Choose between the Beginner or Advanced Option.

Package Includes:

  • Via Ferrata Guided Mountain Climb  and Ziplining

  • Whitewater Rafting on nearby Clear Creek (Beginner/Int)

ATV Side-By-Side Tours

Experience the thrill of treking through the mountains in a side-by-side ATV with friends and family! Choose between a 1 or 2 hour tour through the Rocky Mountains.