Fall Adventures

Climb. Soar. Ride the Waves. Adventure Together.

Explore the Rockies with friends and family on a guided UTV Side-By-Side trek! Choose between a 1 or 2 hour journey. Our 2 hour option also includes a gold mine tour!

Minimum Age: 

  • 1 Hour Trip = 5 years old
  • 2 Hour Trip = 8 Years Old

Times: 9am, 12:30pm, 3:30pm

Take a full day excursion up to the scenic Upper Colorado River and drift past canyons in the great outdoors!

*Runs August 2nd -October 13th

Minimum Age: 5+ years old

Times: 9am -4pm (lunch included)

Featured In: 2 Day Epic Package and Raft & Camp

The via ferrata is a guided mountain climb that goes 230ft up! It features a harness and clips that attach to iron bars as you go up for extra safety. Choose between our Beginner or Intermediate/Advanced climb.

Runs June -October 31st

Minimum Age: 12 Years Old

Times: 9am, 12pm 

Featured in: 2 Day Epic Package, Via-Zip Duo Package

Fly through our forest on our dual zip lines. Feel the wind in your hair and the thrill of sailing above the treeline! *Included in the Via-Zip Duo package along with the Via Ferrata. Solo Zipline Trips must have a Via-Zip trip going out. Runs June – October 31st

Minimum Age: 10 Years Old

Times: 10:30am, 1:30pm

Featured in: 2 Day Epic Package, Via-Zip Duo

Our 18-basket course sends players through the woods and through the mountains. Tee off with your Frisbee and try to land it in the basket in the fewest number of tosses! 

*No more than groups of 10 people can book per day

Minimum Age: 5 Years Old, Times: 9am-6pm

Activity ASAP Plan

Here's an overview of our plan for addressing health and safety concerns around outdoor activities.
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