Summer Activities open May 25, 2019

Our Summer Activities are in full swing this year! We have the most outdoor activities in one convenient location. Join us for a Summer you’ll never forget and do something new and exciting that you can’t get anywhere else! Explore each activity to get more details on what packages they’re in.

Via Ferrata

An exhilarating rock climbing experience for adventurous guests on Colorado’s FIRST private Via Ferrata. With a climb starting above 8,200 feet. This course is specially designed to use on the native rock and allows our guest to view the landscapes higher than the trees.

Minumum Age: 12 Years Old

Times: 9:00am & 12:30pm

Mountain Zorb

The 10′ diameter Zorb gets filled with 5 gallons of water, providing the rider a refreshing experience as you are tumbling down our specially designed woodlands course. One of Colorado’s most unique activities.

Minimum Age: 5 Years Old
Times: 10:30am & 2pm

Zip Line

Fly through our forest on our dual zip lines. Feel the wind in your hair and the thrill of flight as you go from one zip line to the next until you reach the ground.

Minimum Age: 10 Years Old

Times: 10:30pm & 1:30pm

Challenge Course

Our 8 element challenge takes guests through a series of fun and exciting obstacles nestled among the treetops. No matter how you experience our course, you are sure to walk away with a sense of accomplishment!

Minimum Age: 8 Years Old

Times: 12pm & 2pm

Mechanical Bull

Think you have what it takes to be a bull rider? Now you can find out with our Mechanical Bull as it bucks and twirls trying to throw you off onto the surrounding mats.

Minimum Age: 5 Years Old

Times: 12pm -2pm

Water Walkerz

Have you ever wanted to feel like you could walk on water? Now you can! Jump inside the giant Water Walkerz bubbles and create an unreal experience of actually being able to walk on top of the water!

Minimum Age: 5 Years Old

Times: 12pm-2pm

Climbing Wall

Our climbing wall allows you to scale three different surfaces in your efforts to reach the top of our 3 story climbing wall. With multiple climbing surfaces, climbers of all skill levels have the opportunity to learn new techniques and be challenged!

Minimum Age: 5 Years Old

Times: 12pm-2pm

Gyro Extreme

The Gyro Extreme is similar to the equipment designed by NASA for astronaut training and used by many air forces to train their fighter pilots. You’ll have a blast when this ball flips you upside down and spins you in every direction!

Minimum Age: 5 Years Old
Times: 12pm-2pm

Disc Golf

Our 18-basket course sends players through the woods and through the mountains. Tee off with your Frisbee and try to land it in the basket in the fewest number of tosses! Think putt-putt with a Frisbee!

Minimum Age: 5 Years Old

Times: 9am-6pm

Fly Fishing

Work with our expert guides to master your cast in an exciting trip of fly fishing on our very own Clear Creek. Who knows, you may even catch a delicious trout for dinner!

Minimum Age: 5 Years Old

Times: By Appointment

Bungee Trampoline

On the Bungee Trampoline, adrenaline junkie jumpers can reach new heights of exhilaration, jumping nearly 3 stories into the sky. If you’ve never done a back flip or front flip then here’s your chance! 

Minimum Age: 5 Years Old

Times: 12pm-2pm


No Colorado vacation is complete without rafting in our beautiful Clear Creek. We provide a fun and family-friendly whitewater rafting experience.

Minimum Age: Beginner -8 Years Old, Intermediate/Advanced -14 Years Old

Times: Beginner -12:20pm -2:30pm, Intermediate/Advanced -2:30pm